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MARCVIC Facilities Management Nigeria Limited is a young and dynamic organization that has come to fill the yawning gap created by the “big and mighty” companies who can no longer pay detailed attention to their customers’ needs of prompt, efficient, satisfactory and affordable services in her chosen fields.

Our greatest strength lie in the camaraderie amongst our staff members who have genuine commitment, ability and
ingenuity to respond promptly to your services’ requests at the shortest notice, thereby meeting deadlines at affordable
costs to you, our client, hence we are the Clients’ Option for efficiency, honesty, integrity and reliability.

We have attached for your review, our concise corporate profile to give you a lead into what we do professionally as well
as other relevant corporate documents, hoping that you will give us a trial soon.

At the forefronts of our services are:

• Provision of integrated facilities management services for commercial buildings and residential estates.
• Provision of pristine contract cleaning/janitorial services for offices, warehouses, training / conference centres,
amongst others.
• Clearing of drainage systems, tunnels and water channels
• Cleaning and restoration of upholsteries, rug carpets, conference chairs with fabrics or plastic.
• Periodic evacuation of septic/soak-away tanks
• Fumigation and Pest Control Services for Warehouses, offices and residences with safe on human but potent on
targeted pests, amongst others. We also provide you with the MSDS (Manufacturer’s Specifications & Data
Sheet) of the appropriate fumigants for your records.
• Provision of repair and maintenance services on air-conditioners (all models and sizes), trolleys, heat extractors,
refrigeration systems, carpentry & furniture works, etc.
• Pressure cleaning and degreasing of premises/car parks, conveyor belts, engines, warehouse walls, etc to remove spillages, dirt and debris.

We will be glad to meet with you at your earliest so as to understand the areas we can be of immediate services to you
for a start.